Write Your Own Letter

When we began this project, we received over 100 letters from all over the country. We loved every single one but couldn’t fit them all between the cover of the first edition of WOWsdom! Here you’ll find more stories from the journey. Feeling creative? Write your own letter, to your younger self or your future self, and you could appear right here among these others leaders of tomorrow!

Letter from Anita Osuigwe-Spencer
Dear young Anita, The first thing to know is that you are loved. Don’t worry about not having all of the popular things that the other girls have because you will soon realize that a lot of those people will soon be a memory of the past. Be ... read more
Letter from Oanh Doan
Dear Younger Me, This is an exciting and crucial part of your life. I know at times the future seems to be full of uncertainty that brings ambivalence and worry, but that is life and not knowing and taking risk is half of the fun. The other half is actually doing ... read more