Writer: Oanh Doan

Dear Younger Me,

This is an exciting and crucial part of your life. I know at times the future seems to be full of uncertainty that brings ambivalence and worry, but that is life and not knowing and taking risk is half of the fun. The other half is actually doing what you have meticulously planned and seeing what happens. Failure is inevitable, so do not avoid it, but rather welcome it and most importantly learn and grow from it. Don’t be afraid to dream big, but be realistic and honest with your aspiration. Focus on things that matter and are within your control. As for everything else, let it go. Stop comparing yourself to others and wanting to be something you are not. You are unique. You are perfect the way you are. Time is limited, therefore hold on and savior every moment. I leave you with one of my favorite quotes, “life is a sequence of moments all call now,” so cherish and make good use of these moments, now.

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