Writer: Anita Osuigwe-Spencer

Dear young Anita,

The first thing to know is that you are loved. Don’t worry about not having all of the popular things that the other girls have because you will soon realize that a lot of those people will soon be a memory of the past.

Be conscious of the decisions that you make with young men, don’t be so in love with love that you lose yourself. Listen to your mother because she has a lot of wisdom that will come in handy as you enter your life, I can hear her voice now telling me to pick my friends like I pick my fruit very carefully. Find forgiveness in your heart it will help you heal your life. That forgiveness and love for yourself will propel you into a life that you could only dream of. Remember to surround yourself with people that will bring you balance.

You will find yourself wearing many hats throughout your life, all of your experiences will allow you to remain open to new people, places, things and ideas. You will become a mother, grandmother, wife, entrepreneur, author, life coach and an activist for women. Keep speaking up for the things that you believe in it will play a major role in one of the many careers that you will eventually have. Your love of art, music, books, travel and your creativity spirit will introduce you to the world of entertainment, fashion, hair and writing.

Hair will absolutely change your life and life style, so keep watching your mother in the salon. Continue to read everything that you get your hands on because writing is going to change the course of your life.

Loving you continuously,

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