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Welcome to WOWsdom!, where the WOW of young girls meets the wisdom of women. WOWsdom! brings together girls and women of all backgrounds, education levels, and interests with a series of letters to their former selves and practical advice from experts in everything from social media to health to personal finance. It started with a Kickstarter, backed by women, men, and girls who believed in our mission and the power of our movement. We know that when we live together and learn together, we will ultimately lead together—WOWsdom! is the first step to making that dream a reality.

Generation WOW was born from a belief that when women and girls gather, magic happens. It all started at our Generation W event in 2012, when seven fantastic young women took the stage to share with the older generation what was important to them and what they needed to succeed. Generation WOW is the place for young girls to learn about the positive and the possible of life, where the leaders of today meet the leaders of tomorrow and develop special relationships that change lives.

Generation WOW

So come on in, stay a while, and check out the many exciting things WOWsdom! has to offer. Read about our contributors—artists, scientists, activists, teachers, fathers, and girls—and submit your own letter. Grab a copy of our book. Learn how to get a WOW club started in your school. We’re glad you’re here!

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A nationally-recognized business leader, Donna Orender is the founder of Generation W, Generation WOW, and CEO of Orender Unlimited. She is a women’s pro basketball pioneer and former WNBA president and is deeply passionate about elevating the voices of girls and women. You can learn more about what drives Donna by watching her TEDx Talk: Fear Not the Ask.
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